Whole Foods and Their Gap in Customer Service

I have been asked to perform a needs analysis on the Whole Food Distributor. This company has a strong mission and values and includes all of their employees to be responsible for customer happiness.   They also have a great program that extends loans to local producers to help expand their businesses.  This program supports the development of farmers to organic products.

My first responsibility is to identify the stakeholders I need buy in from.  I believe the managers of the customer service department, supervisors of the same, Human Resources would be a huge asset as well as anyone else involved in the promotion of products sold by customer service. As an outside source, I would like to invite one of the local farmers so I could get their opinion in hw customer service sells their products.  To have support from the customer service reps would also provide leverage towards the training needed.

Some important questions to be considered are:

  • When was the actual gap noticed?
  • Is the gap still there or has there been an increase/decrease?
  • Does customer service know there is a gap?
  • What if any were the previous trainings – what were the results? Was there a gap analysis done and can you provide me the results?

I would need to see the sales as required by customer service and possibly identify when the gap happened?  Is there any results from attempts at trainings or performance evaluations that I can see?  This would provide me the opportunity to see if there were any improvements as a result of these trainings.

I would use the following techniques in implementing the training program:

  •  Observation of the culture of the department
  • Interviews of current employees and the human resource department
  • Documentation of the current gap and how it is affecting sales
    •  I would possibly use some collaborative planning towards the implementation of the project.

Once the buy in is solid, the hard work then begins.  Stay tuned as I complete the project.



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  1. Looks like you have a solid analysis to assist you with getting started on determining the intervention that would help bridge the gap noticed by the company. If training or performance evaluations are available, these are valuable to provide you with further insight into the challenges employees may be experiencing in their roles.

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