Let’s Connect over a cup of Connectivism

According to George Siemens, “Connectivism integrates technology, social networks and information” (Siemens,2005). In other words, connectivism is how we all operate everyday when we do a Google search, collaborate with a co-worker, or check a social media page for an update. Personally, every time I do one of the above mentioned actions, I am learning.

My mind map certainly does show my emphasis on my professional life and that the other two areas in my life could use some help – I think they call it work-life balance.  Anyway, I digress…

Through the networks listed, each one brings a special something to my learning.  If I have a human resource question, I talk to one of my friends who is a whiz at HR.  If I need to know about a bear or an animal siting in my neighborhood, then NextDoor Digest is my go to.  I recently found the Elearning Coach and joined her email list so I could get her free book of resources.  She is awesome and I would definitely check her out – www.theelearningcoach.com.  I wish I would have found her sooner, because she offers some great tips for writing for Instructional Design.

Truthfully, I think I am a little old-school when it comes to learning and figuring out what to do next.  Countless times, I have been in a predicament where I simply did not know how to get from Point A to Point Z.  Time was always never on my side, and I have the tendency to get a little wound tight under stress.  Instead of wasting time (my pet peeve) I normally would pick up the phone and start calling my resources to get me to the finish point – even if it means calling some of my higher up friends at the government level.  Most people would rely on Google or other web-based apps to steer the ship, but I like the idea of a person walking me through the steps.   I don’t know why talking to an actual person would be considered “old-school” but I know for sure none of my adult children would dare to pick up a phone to ask for help – unless it was me doing the helping.

Connectivism is not new just putting a word to the process of what we do every day – especially if you are taking a course, looking for a job or simply cruising the web.

Till then, I will continue to be  the ID Newbie – old-school or not  as I trudge my way through the complex world of instructional design.



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